About Us

The Theatrical Stage Employes of IATSE Local 28 have been working on stages in Portland, Oregon for over 116 years. In March 1894, seventeen people came together to form a Portland Theatrical Stage Employes Union. The formal application was submitted in January 1895 and was approved on March 1st of that year. Now Local 28 has over 200 members who are highly skilled career professionals. And because Local 28 has had a long history in Portland’s Theatrical venues, our members have worked with and supported some of the greatest names in the entertainment industry: Elvis, The Beatles, Sade, Barry Manilow, and even corporate giant Nike, among others. Currently IATSE 28 members support shows in Portland at the Keller Auditorium, Schnitzer Concert Hall, Rose Garden Arena, Memorial Coliseum, and Newmark and Winningstad Theaters. And we don’t just work in theaters—we also support business conferences, as well as live concerts in arenas and outdoor venues throughout the Portland metro area and southern Washington.

The members of IATSE Local 28 are proud to be a part of the largest entertainment labor organization in the world. The Union Behind Entertainment.

Current Officers and Executive Board Members

IATSE Local 28 Officers

President Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts
Vice President Kathryn Mura
Business Representative Rose Etta Venetucci
Recording Secretary Jay Spottswood
Financial Secretary Phillip Timmons

Executive Board

Mike Pratt
Stephanie Cook
Katherine Andrews
Zachariah Mathison

Board of Trustees

Jim Burbach
Christopher “Radar” Bateman
Brandon Hoguet

Dedicated Committees

Communications & Legislation Chair Jay Spottswood
Membership Chair Rayn Jacks
Finance Chair Phillip Timmons
Safety & Education Chair Michael Johnson
Constitution Chair Daniel Cook
Wardrobe Chair Katherine Andrews