Limited Journeyman Stage Electrician License Requirements

4000 hours On the Job Training

  • Hours must be logged on Monthly Progress Report Sheets or MPR (download MPR12-2011).
  • Numbers of hours per category are listed per category.
  • Hours must be worked under a Local 28 Contract.
  • Hours need to be signed off on MPR by a License holder.

If you have not been filling out MPR’s you will not be credited hours. You will have to look at past paycheck stubs and W2’s and start working backwards and filling out your MPR’s to verify your hours and get credit. Again it is Your responsibility.

Fill out MPR and submit to the office, The office is not responsible for tracking hours, it is the individual’s responsibility. A spreadsheet can be provided but you should keep a copy of your MPR’s for your records for verification.

1000 Hour credit

You can receive a onetime credit for 1000 hours not worked in the Jurisdiction of Local 28. All work must be paid stage related hours. You will need to submit a letter to be reviewed by the Education Committee. In your request you must provide an outline of the work performed, A letter from any Employers or other supervisors verifying said work, W-2’s or check stubs for all hours and an MPR of how you

would like your hours to be applied. If you turn in less than 1000 hrs you will not be allowed to submit additional hours at a later date.

Required Classes

Fork Lift, First Aid/CPR, All Venue Classes, Flyrail/Knots, Local 28 NEC, Electric’s 1, Light board, Followspot, Electrical Safety

You will need to get a sign off for each class by the Class Instructor or certificate of completion.

Required Class Hours

You must have a total of 150 class hours.


Local 28 does have a practice exam available.  You need to purchase a copy of the most recent NEC Codebook which may be purchased at Platt Electrical Supply for a Union Member Discount.


Any class tests require at least a 70% passing grade.


Send a request to Education to have requirements verified and reviewed. The Local 28 NEC Representative will then review it. If approved you will receive a letter of recommendation.

Application and Examination

You will need to fill out the application and forms to the state for Limited Journeyman Stage Electrician. They require a high school diploma or GED, 4000 OJT, and 150 Electrical related class hours; those classes required by the state are stated on the class check-off sheet. This should be done with the Local 28 NEC Representative.

You will also be required to provide a Photo to go on the License.

Once that is sent in, The Building Codes Division will send a letter of authorization to take the examination. The letter explains the examination procedures and provides the address and telephone number of the test site. The applicant is responsible for scheduling the examination with the test site office. There is a cost to take the exam and to retake the exam should you not pass.

If your application is denied, Building Codes Division will send a denial letter explaining your rights to a hearing.